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We were the first solar-powered, trackable wallet. Now we’re also the first voice-activated one. The Ekster 3.0 is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and you don’t even need a smart speaker to use this feature. Just use voice command on your app of choice. Now you can find your wallet without having to move from your cozy spot on the couch, totally hands-free! Bonus: you can use the new two-way ringing feature to call your wallet with your phone, or your phone with your wallet. 


Our new ultra-thin cardholder is made with fully anodized aluminum, giving the Ekster 3.0 a sleeker look and smoother action. Our secret new inner coating now helps to eject your cards just a little bit further, and a little more smoothly. This fine-tuned mechanism means you’ll have your cards presented stylishly and efficiently, every time you pull out your wallet. The ergonomic 3.0 trigger hardware also received an upgrade for durability, so your wallet won’t ever give out on you.


Our trackers are known for their innovative solar-powered functionality, but we’ve stepped up our game even more. We went back to the lab and created a battery that slims down the tracker AND lasts twice as long with use. Our new, slimmer solar panels now charge your tracker twice as fast, thanks to our patented integration upgrade. Three hours of sunshine now give you two months of charge! 


You asked for more, and we answered. The Ekster 3.0 comes in 3 brand new colors: Juniper Green, Blush Beige, and Merlot Red. We're also giving you the Secretary Cardholder. This new addition to the Ekster family is our slimmest premium leather wallet yet, measuring in at only 0.15" (0.4cm) with room for cash and cards. This one-sided wallet is perfect for minimalist lifestyles (or for anyone with tight jeans).

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