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Fortuna Parliament

Regular price €119 EUR

Fortuna Parliament

Regular price €119 EUR

Fortuna Parliament

Regular price €119 EUR


We know that the magic lies in the small stuff. Our luxury slim wallets come from beautifully cut pieces of leather. Hand-crafted layers, meticulously sewn to each other. Perfect stitching to weave the wallet together. And little gold accents to give it that extra special feeling. The luxury slim wallets come in three premium finishes: Chestnut, Oak, and Blackwood. Here's where luck comes in: twenty Fortuna wallets come with a special golden card inside them, see why below.


The Fortuna Collection is a line of luxury slim wallets that gives you the very best of our design philosophy, in one majestic new drop. We sampled countless leathers before settling on Cambridge leather for these wallets. Handstitched with full-grain hides and treated with wax for a subtle shine, this leather is exceptional in its aging. As the wallet wears, that shine is replaced with a matte finish, and the leather becomes softer with use.


Found a gold card in your new wallet? You’re one of the lucky ones. Every gold cardholder receives a special bag of Ekster goodies to go with their Fortuna wallet, with products from our never-before-seen Keytracker launch. You’ll be the first to have access to the nest this year; just take a picture of the card and tag us on Instagram at @eksterwallets.

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