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Ekster Smart Wallets, slim trackable wallets Ekster Smart Wallets, slim trackable wallets


Mess, disorder, clutter. It’s the little things that weigh you down, and it can seem like a losing battle to keep track of everything. We know how that feels. It’s the frustration that informed our design for the Ekster Key Organizer. A modern answer to help you keep all your keys organized, compact and easy to access. With room for three to seven keys, this key organizer keeps your other valuables protected even inside the same pocket. Your keys will no longer jab you in the leg, or jingle in your pockets. It has never been easier to access the right key with a one-handed motion.


You'll never spend another second looking for your keys. This tiny piece of tech is designed to fit perfectly inside your Ekster Key Organizer or hook onto any other items you don't want lost. It comes with the same powerful features as our Tracker Card, like voice activation, two-way ringing and selfie mode. A built-in LED light ensures that you’re not scratching your car or your door in the dark and the replaceable battery lasts an impressive four months. Your pockets are now truly stream-lined and ready to take on whatever the day throws at them.


Ekster was created out of a desire to have better options for people to carry everyday. As we’ve evolved, so has our vision, and we’re not just focusing on wallets anymore. We upgraded the wallet, and then the iPhone case. And then we thought: what else can we improve to match modern standards? Wallet, check. Phone, check. Keys? A-ha. We all do some version of this three-tap check when we leave the house, just to make sure we’ve got all the essentials. Now we’ve made it that much easier to organize all your necessities with just one stop at our store. A network of interconnected everyday carry essentials to speed up your day.

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