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Lucas Seewald
Global Communications


Olivier Momma


We believe peace of mind starts with the essentials you carry with you on a daily basis. It is our mission to upgrade these essentials to modern standards and change the way you carry your valuables.

If you think about it, it's shocking that most wallets have no security built into them. A product which holds so much sensitive information and goes everywhere with you should be better safeguarded. So we decided to develop something both efficient and secure for your pockets. That's when Ekster® was born. A brand with the goal of optimizing the way you carry your everyday items. After meeting on a Fulbright scholarship in the USA, founders Rick and Olivier found that being Dutch wasn’t the only thing they had in common. They pitched their idea to a Kickstarter wallet enthusiast, Richard, and he was instantly sold. What started as a chance encounter between two Dutch college students grew into a shared frustration with existing EDC products and a thriving business.

Ekster® HQ
Singel 542
1017 AZ Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM CEST


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  • Forbes

    "The traditional leather wallet hadn't changed for decades, and Ekster became the brand to challenge that."

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  • CBS News

    "This tracker can locate your wallet, like so. It's powered by sunlight! Well, what do you know?"

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  • Forbes

    “These guys built the most advanced solar-powered tracker to date.“

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  • CNET

    "Help him simplify his pockets. This is a perfect gift for guys looking to pare down."

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  • 9to5Mac

    "I’ve found it addictive to click the button and push my cards back in as a fidget habit."

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  • UrbanDaddy

    "It's a big day for wallets. That's because Ekster has just released the latest version of its slim, smarter-than-average money holder."

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  • Financial Times

    'Dutch start-up Ekster's smart wallet is brimming with technology.'

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  • Mashable

    “One awesome wallet you won’t want to lose”

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  • Forbes

    "The best-selling smart wallet, ever"

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  • TechRadar

    "Integrating today's connected technologies to make [wallets] smart and traceable"

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    "Thoughtfully designed and stylish"

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  • Yanko Design

    "This is why we're going gaga over the world's slimmest smart wallet"

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    "Solar-powered smart wallet reveals its whereabouts with voice commands"

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  • The Coolector

    "Devilishly dapper with a smart element which means you won't lose your wallet again - say hello to these excellent Smart Wallets"

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    "This piece of everyday wizardry makes its convenient tech too easy to pass up"

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    "A wallet designed to hold everything you need, without a lot of bulk."

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