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Almost perfection!

The good :Stunning! Real expensive leather and extremly practical. Tracker that comes with it is a life saver. Perfect size.

Bad: Plastic trigger, when they make this metal then they have achieved perfection.

Summary! Awesome Product and that are head of the competition with just a minor flaw. Super happy with it and cant wait for what the company Will achieve next.

Senate Cardholder

Secretary Cardholder

Parliament Wallet

Amazing wallet!

I bought this wallet for my boyfriend and he lives it so much. The leather on it has aged really well so it looks very stylish. Its worth the money I would say :)

Parliament Wallet


Best wallet ever! Perfect size and perfect amount of cardslots for me.



Excellent Product

Had my wallet for a few weeks now and I have really taken to it. At first I was worried it would be too small, it didn't look to close properly and did look fragile. However after a few weeks of use it now does close properly I have complete confidence in the product and have been recommending it to friends and family.

I like this

It’s very beautiful and smaller

New to Ekster

Received my Ekster for Xmas and have just transferred everything over. Looks great so far.

Good Quality fast delivery. It’s worth buying it

Parliament Wallet

Excellent product

Excellent product... amazing quality... unique style...
I am using my Ekster wallet for months without any problems. Everyday the leather of the wallet is becoming more unique without the slightest deterioration.
An amazing product and a company with amazing service, before and after sales.

1st Class

A really good buy.

Very nice

Superb card holder

I was a card holder with money clip guy. It was slim and not much bigger than a pile of cards, whilst all other formats of purses with or without clip were way bigger & bulky in the pocket. Until the Ekster - that gave the impulse to change. Nice leather and a super slim form factor made the decision whilst it offeres an optimised Cars handling too.


Perfect material.
Good size
Quick acces


After buying 1st and 2nd generation, I keep continue to buy… so I am still seduced by quality and ergonomics. Parliament is a little too big for me, Senate is just perfect (I bought two different colors), and even a Secretary for evening dressed. Happy customer :)

Senate 3.0 Review

Features - 4/5
Ekster reduces the footprint of your typical wallet significantly with simple and smart features, such as the the push to slide mechanism and the addition of separate card holder which comes with the package.

Quality - 3.5/5
Let's get the peeves out the way first. Firstly the sliding mechanism works perfectly well, but is made from plastic and doesn't really give the impression of I finely crafted wallet. Secondly, it may just of been the unit I received but it is relatively easy for the cards to fall out with not much force.

Now onto the positives - it's slim, the wallet is made from what looks like milled (I think!) aluminium gives it heft or 'weight' and feel of quality and sturdiness. The same can be said about the leather - beautiful leather (offered in a diverse range of colours) used on both the wallet and additional card holder oozes quality and sleekness.

Price - 3.5/5
The quality of the aluminium chassis and leather justifies some of the price, however plastic push to slide mechanism and unfortunately the ease of how the cards drop out just makes this product fall short of being perfect.
-Final Words -
Please bear in mind during this time of review, I informed Ekster about the issue with how my cards fell out with little force. Ekster were really helpful and within a week reached out to myself and provided a solution. Credit is due where it is due and Ekster's customer service has been top-notch.

I look forward to see how they develop their products, as I for one am a fan.



Fast delivery, premium quality, and design. Love it!.

Loved it !

I bought this as a gift for my partner and my partner very much loved it ! The wallet was shown exactly like what it says and the function is also as mentioned. Overall, very happy with the product and the box it came with ! 

Great Wallet!!

Everything works as expected, and the set up for the solar powered locator chip was super user friendly, even for a non-tech guy like me.

Senate '18
I have used it everyday.

It is most convenient for me and it looks elegant.
I pledged almost 10 kinds of wallet at several funding site. In those, I select this and have been using.

Love it 🤩

Excellent Tracker Card, which you can track the location of the wallet and it has a ring to find features in the app which make life easy when you don’t remember where you left your wallet in your house. Thanks to Ekster.