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Nowadays, someone doesn’t have to steal your wallet to get at what’s inside of it… We're living in a time all our data is encrypted, everyday life now hinging on the invisible. As technological advances race ahead, the regulations and security available to protect all of our data still struggle to keep up. Most people aren’t even aware of all the complex ways in which their data can be stolen, and when it is stolen, it often goes undetected. One of the main culprits here is RFID skimming. Remember when you got your new debit card and it had a little chip in it? Maybe a small icon that looks like a Wi-Fi symbol on its side? That's RFID, and it's both your friend and your enemy.


RFID technology, or ‘radio frequency identification’ is a new method of data tracking. It may surprise you to know you've got it on you right now. It’s what allows you to pay for things by holding your card near a card reader or ATM, often known as contactless payments. Almost every single new card produced has one. The chip holds all your card's data, using radio waves to send information and complete transactions. Cards are obviously a step-up, security-wise, from the days of burying gold in your yard and stuffing bills in your mattress. But no matter how protected it is, wherever there’s money to be spent, there’s money to be stolen. Credit card fraud has been around almost as long as credit cards; in 2017 alone, it accounted for losses of over 16 billion dollars in the USA. 


One of the most popular electronic pickpocket tactics is stealing data stored in your credit or debit cards' RFID chips. Once stolen, this data can be used to purchase things online, access bank accounts and even produce a clone of your card. The idea of your bank data being hacked is unsettling, but the ease with which it can be done is what makes it really scary. Since this technology works remotely using radio waves, RFID skimming can happen in a second without your wallet or cards ever being touched, even if you have the most secure wallet. All it takes is for a small handheld device, or even a smartphone with the necessary adjustments to be held close to your card for a couple seconds and bam, your card data is stolen. Common places for this to happen can include; public transportation, nightlife, crowded malls, tourist attractions and airports.


You could stop bringing your cards with you in crowded public places, you could choose to only use cash from now on, or you could invest in a secure wallet. Radio waves can’t travel through every material, making specific kinds of metal act like a force field around your cards, not allowing the radio waves to come in or out. The metal that works best for producing an impenetrable faraday cage hidden inside a travel security wallet is good old basic aluminium. We aim for the best travel wallet security by using top grade aluminium to build the space where your cards fit in, so they are always protected. Having the best secure wallet is important, but not without it actually looking good. That’s why in our wallets, we designed the aluminium of the cardholder to be as thin as possible while still retaining its strength and ability to block RFID scans. That way, we can fit the safe wallet case inside of a beautiful top-grain leather exterior. 

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